Teeth Whitening in Southaven, MS: Everything You Need to Know

A healthy and bright smile can do wonders for your self-confidence and appearance. One of the most prevalent cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening which helps improve your teeth' color and overall appearance. If you are in Southaven, Mississippi, and are considering getting your teeth whitened, you have come to the right place. 

This article will provide all the information you require about teeth whitening in Southaven, including the top teeth whitening companies and practical tips for maintaining your bright smile after the treatment.

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Understanding Teeth Whitening

By removing stains from teeth, teeth whitening is a dental procedure that lightens their color. Various factors, such as aging, tobacco use, and consumption of staining beverages (like coffee, tea, and wine), can cause teeth to become dull or discolored over time. Teeth whitening treatments can help to restore your teeth's natural whiteness, giving you a brighter and more attractive smile.

There are numerous kinds of teeth-whitening procedures on the market, including:

  1. In-office teeth whitening: Performed by a dentist, this treatment involves using a more potent whitening agent and often provides faster and more noticeable results.
  2. At-home teeth whitening: These whitening kits are provided by your dentist and used in the comfort of your home. They include custom-made trays and a lower concentration of the whitening agent.

Over-the-counter teeth whitening: These products, such as whitening strips, toothpaste, and gels, can be purchased at stores and contain a weaker whitening agent. They are usually less effective than professional treatments.

Teeth Whitening Methods


In-Office Teeth Whitening

  • Zoom Whitening: Zoom Whitening is a popular in-office teeth whitening method. This process involves applying a professional-grade hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and a low-heat Zoom light to speed up the whitening process. Zoom Whitening can brighten your teeth up to eight shades within an hour.
  • Laser Teeth Whitening: Laser Teeth Whitening is another professional teeth whitening method. In this procedure, your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth, then use a laser to enhance the gel's effectiveness. The laser breaks down the stain-causing molecules, providing a brighter smile. The whole process can last around an hour.

Home Teeth Whitening

  • Whitening Strips: Whitening strips are thin, flexible, and easy-to-use plastic strips coated with a peroxide-based whitening gel. They are an affordable and convenient option for at-home teeth whitening. However, their effectiveness and results vary from person to person.
  • Whitening Toothpaste: Whitening toothpaste is another popular at-home teeth-whitening method. These kinds of toothpaste contain mild abrasives for stain removal and polishing and offer gradual improvement in teeth color. However, they may not be as effective as other teeth whitening methods.

Top 4 Teeth Whitening Companies in Southaven, Mississippi

Here, we have compiled a list of Southaven's top 4 teeth whitening companies that you can consider when looking for a teeth whitening treatment.

DeSoto Smiles Family Dentistry

  • Overview: This well-established dental practice offers services focusing on patient satisfaction and comfort.
  • Teeth Whitening Services: They provide in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and technology.
  • Cost and Expected Results: Prices vary depending on the treatment chosen, but they offer competitive rates and exceptional results.

Silo Square Dental

  • Overview: Silo Square Dental is a highly-rated dental practice that offers comprehensive dental care, including cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services.
  • Teeth Whitening Services: They offer advanced in-office teeth whitening using Zoom technology and custom-fit take-home whitening trays.
  • Cost and Expected Results: Their prices are competitive, and they have numerous positive reviews attesting to their excellent results and patient care.

American Family Dentistry Southaven

  • Overview: American Family Dentistry Southaven is a modern dental practice offering patients a friendly and comfortable environment.
  • Teeth Whitening Services: They offer in-office and custom-made at-home teeth whitening treatment options, using quality materials and the latest technology.
  • Cost and Expected Results: Their fees are reasonable, and they have a solid track record of delivering excellent results and personalized patient care.

Aspen Dental

  • Overview: This highly-rated dental practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry and offers various services to enhance your smile, including teeth whitening.
  • Teeth Whitening Services: They offer both in-office and at-home teeth whitening options tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Cost and Expected Results: Their competitive pricing ensures excellent value for your money while achieving optimal results.

Think About This When Selecting a Teeth Whitening Business

Before selecting a teeth whitening company in Southaven, consider the following points to ensure you get the best result:

  • Reputation and reviews: Look for a dental practice with a strong reputation for delivering excellent teeth whitening results. Read patient reviews to learn more about their experiences.
  • Range of services offered: Some dental practices specialize in cosmetic dentistry, while others offer a broader range. Consider your unique dental needs when selecting a provider.
  • Cost and insurance coverage: Teeth whitening fees vary significantly between providers. Ask about the costs upfront and clarify if your insurance partially or fully covers the treatment.
  • Experience and qualifications of professionals: The expertise of the dentist or dental hygienist performing the procedure is crucial for achieving optimal results. Ensure the professionals are experienced and qualified in teeth whitening treatments.
  • Location and accessibility: Convenience is essential, especially if you plan multiple visits. Choose a teeth whitening company within your area with accessible parking and public transport options.

The Role of Cosmetic Dentistry in Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is a subspecialty of dental care that aims to make your teeth, mouth, and smile look better. One of the many services offered under the cosmetic dentistry umbrella is teeth whitening. Other treatments include dental veneers, bonding, dental crowns, and orthodontics, which can help address various aesthetic dental issues.

Teeth whitening treatments are essential to cosmetic dentistry, as they help create a brighter and more attractive smile. When choosing a dental practice for teeth whitening in Southaven, consider one that offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services to cater to your complete dental care needs.

How to Maintain Teeth Whitening Results

After investing time and money in teeth whitening treatments, it's essential to maintain the results for as long as possible. Here are some practical tips for keeping your teeth white and bright:

  1. Avoid staining foods and drinks: Limit your intake of tea, coffee, red wine, and other staining food and beverages. Use a straw for drinks that may cause stains.
  2. Quit smoking: Tobacco use can lead to yellow or brown stains on your teeth. Quitting smoking will not only prevent further staining but also improve your overall oral health.
  3. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings: Visit your dentist every six months for check-ups and professional cleanings to ensure your teeth remain healthy and white.
  4. Consider touch-up treatments: Depending on the whitening method used, you might need touch-up treatments every few months or years to maintain your bright smile.
  5. Maintain good oral hygiene:
  • Brush your teeth twice daily.
  • Floss daily.
  • Use mouthwash to prevent plaque buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening in Southaven

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The duration of teeth whitening results depends on your lifestyle and oral care habits. On average, the effects of teeth whitening can last from six months to several years. You can prolong the results by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding staining foods and beverages.

Are Teeth Whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified professional or when using dentist-approved products. Some people may experience tooth sensitivity or gum irritation, but these issues are typically temporary and resolve within a few days.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

The frequency of teeth whitening treatments depends on the chosen method and your personal needs. Professional in-office treatments require touch-ups every six months to two years, while at-home or over-the-counter treatments need more frequent application. Consult your dentist for personalized advice based on your situation.

Are There Any Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Some people may experience mild tooth sensitivity or gum irritation during teeth whitening. These side effects are usually temporary and should resolve within a few days after the treatment. If you experience other side effects or the sensitivity and irritation persist, contact


Teeth whitening in Southaven, Mississippi, can enhance your smile and confidence. Consider reputation, services, cost, qualifications, and location when choosing a teeth whitening company. Remember, oral care and lifestyle habits impact the longevity of results. Maintain a bright smile by practicing good oral hygiene, avoiding staining foods and drinks, quitting smoking, and attending regular dental check-ups. Consult with a Southaven dental professional to find the best teeth whitening option for you and enjoy a proud, radiant smile.